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Holiday Meal

When family and friends gather together, there’s usually a meal involved – especially around the holidays. Although I’m known for not cooking, I used to prepare an annual holiday feast for Stephen and I to share with a friend.

The first two years everything went off without a hitch.  Stephen prepped the turkey and placed it in a baking bag because I refused to touch the raw bird. However, I did everything else – baked the turkey and prepared the rest of the meal. The fragrant smell of home cooked food flooded the house, inspiring warm, happy feelings.

The third (and last) year was a disaster. When I put the turkey in the oven I accidentally set the temperature to 125. A few hours passed before we noticed there was no aroma coming from the kitchen. The problem was corrected and we eventually ate, but everyone accused me of trying to kill them with tainted meat.

Although I stopped cooking, other people choose to continue the tradition. A friend was dreading the work associated with preparing a meal for a large group of people. She decided that instead of cooking one 20 pound turkey, she’d make her chore easier by cooking two 10 pounders. Hmmm…

This holiday season I hope you’re surrounded by people you love with a belly that’s satiated with fully cooked food.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


My real live bird in a bag

My real live bird in a bag



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  1. Hope you and yours enjoy all the warmth and joy of Christmas ( and of course all the food!)

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