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Size Doesn’t Matter

My household is filled with birds and dogs. The alpha is Amy, our blue-front Amazon parrot. She’s been part of the family for nearly 30 years. Initially she started out as a dog substitute but quickly created a spot all her own, one that can never be replaced.

Our first dog was an Italian Greyhound named Tony. Weighing in at 12 pounds, he was accustomed to being around birds and not eating them. The perfect fit. From the get-go, Tony knew that Amy was top-dog. Even though she was much smaller than him, he would never look her in the eye and usually kept his distance. Regularly, Amy would assert her position by climbing down her cage and chasing Tony across the room. She knew he was afraid of her and enjoyed reminding him of their hierarchy.

Years later, we still have Italian Greyhounds and the parrot continues to reign supreme. Recently, when giving Amy a shower, we captured footage of her unique relationship with our dog Dewey. Just as the dogs before him, Dewey clearly knows his place.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



Comments on: "Size Doesn’t Matter" (2)

  1. Beautiful pets! I love that the parrot showers. I’ve never considered a bird. With four cats it could get dicey if they weren’t as submissive as your pooch.

    • Thank you! We had kittens visit once and the babies had no idea our parrot was equipped with a can opener on the front of her face. If we hadn’t been watching, one of those kittens would have lost a toe.

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