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Left Behind

When I saw this hilarious text between a mother and her child, I was reminded of a story from my past.

This kind of happened to me

This kind of happened to me

I had an internship at Mutual of Omaha. Nearly 8,000 people worked in the building and there was no parking lot, so drivers parked their cars in surrounding neighborhoods. Depending on when they arrived, the nearest spot could be as far as 8 – 10 blocks away. The best bet was to find another means of transportation to and from work.

My schedule coincided with Stephen’s so he would drop me off and pick me up on his way to and from work. Dropping off was never a problem because I was in the car. However, picking me up was another story.

Because my schedule ended before Stephen’s, I would sit outside and read while waiting for my ride. When I saw him coming, I would pack my things and walk to the curb. Normally, this was a clear signal to stop and pick me up. Except for the day he didn’t. I was waiting in my usual spot, expecting the car to stop at the curb, but on that fateful day, Stephen drove right past me. He just kept driving. We didn’t have cell phones back then, so I stood there stunned, contemplating my next move. I figured I would give him enough time to get home, then go inside and call. However, 10 minutes later he came back to retrieve me.

If we had been able to text back then, I’m sure the conversation would have been similar to the mom who left her kid at Target.

May the farce be with you!

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Comments on: "Left Behind" (3)

  1. My mom left me at the synagogue the day of my own Bat Mitzvah! There were so many friends and relatives there everyone assumed I was somewhere else. Obviously way before the days of cell phones. One of my (non-Jewish) school friends was still there so her dad gave me a ride home. He said “Umm, I always thought this was kind of a family event, and your mom would be there.” Yeah. Me too. 🙂

  2. Maybe being left behind is common. Either that or we both come from “special” families.

  3. What a laugh. So there is a real purpose for texting! Good one

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