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I Can Read Your Mind

Last week when walking into an elevator, two men followed me inside. I pressed the button for my floor and one of the men said “How did you know what floor I wanted?” He went on to say that he always thought women could read men’s minds. I told him he was right – that we could read minds. He then said he’s careful about what he thinks when he’s around women for this very reason. The second gentlemen, watching our exchange, started to chuckle until I gave him my best “I can read your mind” stare at which point he averted his gaze and simply looked at the floor.

When I left my meeting, I noticed a long line of people waiting outside another building, but I couldn’t tell what they were waiting for. I walked to the end of the line and asked the last man standing what was going on. He replied with questions. “I’m in line for Tesla? It’s the first day you can preorder? And put down a deposit?” Apparently, he wasn’t sure what he was waiting for but because I’m a woman and I can read minds, I confirmed his questions were indeed fact. It also helped that I saw the line snaking into the Tesla showroom.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,




Comments on: "I Can Read Your Mind" (4)

  1. I was at the ATT store this week and the guy was looking at my phone and I told him randomly that. ” I don’t have any pictures of Zebras on my phone… He stopped and looked at me and told me that he has pictures of zebras on his phone because he had just been to a zoo that had zebras… He asked me how I knew that. I told him I do that mind reading thing often. he said wow. Life is fun. true story,, I did it again.

  2. Way to show your stripes!

  3. Geez, are men gullible or what?

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