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Painting Supplies

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks painting the interior of my home. It was a good exercise on several levels. First, it’s good exercise. Second, it reminded me why I don’t like to paint. Third, painting is like cooking but, unlike cooking, I can do it. I feel good about this even though painting is not my favorite thing to do.

Because I’ve painted before, I know the supplies that are needed. However, since it’s been a long time, I checked the instructions to make sure I had everything. Instructions are conveniently located on the paint stir stick. Initially, that seems like a good idea until you use the stick and can no longer see what’s written on it. Wisely, I checked the list before stirring.

List of painting supplies on the stir stick readable only until you use the stick to stir the paint

List of painting supplies on the stir stick readable only until you use the stick to stir the paint

Everything made sense except paint kits so I looked them up online. I would have hated to start painting only to find I was missing necessary supplies. Here’s what I found.

This is a paint kit

This is a paint kit

Since this didn’t seem essential to my task, I ignored it. As if the paint kit wasn’t strange enough, I noticed one crucial item missing from the list – a paint can opener. Fortunately, I had one of these so I was able to paint.

You can't paint unless you can open the can

You can’t paint unless you can open the can

If I’m being totally honest, I have to admit there’s one more supply I wish I’d had – a professional to do the work! Oh well, the results were worth the pain.

May the farce be with you!

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Comments on: "Painting Supplies" (4)

  1. If you come to my house and paint, I will cook you dinner. Cooking v. Painting…painting seems impossible to me! Never done it. There’s a reason I have a checkbook…

  2. Had to chuckle over your observation about the list being on a paint stick. I don’t mind painting wall, but the trim pieces annoy me….even more annoying is that husband insists before painting wall of trim you have to put that blue tape along every edge to prevent slopping over. It takes forever…and I wander off. Easier to forget the tape, paint the wall, and get new foam brushes to do the trim carefully as possible without taping anything…you can always put furniture or a cat in front of smeared spots or drips.

    • The trim annoys me, too. Putting the tape on is time consuming, but taking it off is nearly impossible. I was covered with the stuff when I finally finished. I like your thinking about the best way to cover those little mistakes.

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