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New Restaurant Experience

Before checking out a new eatery, I went onto Yelp to see what other customers had to say. Although the restaurant was self-serve, every order was made from scratch so it took 20-30 minutes to receive your food. That being said, we decided to call ahead so our meals would be ready when we got there. After four failed attempts resulting in a message that said “no one is available to take your call”, we decided the place must be busy and thus worth the wait.

When we walked in, we were surprised to find ourselves the only customers in the establishment. Stepping up to the counter, we placed our order with two bored-looking young women who graciously took our money. As we waited for our food, we sat a small table sipping ice water. During that half-hour, their phone rang several times but not urgently enough to interrupt the banter of the workers who greeted us.

Duty called, however, when two meals were presented behind the counter. Like a trumpet announcing royalty over the din of a crowd, one of the clerks loudly repeated the contents of our order. Marching the four steps from our table to the counter, we went to claim our prize. Protectively, the clerk asked to see a copy of our receipt before she would hand over our food. Stephen fumbled around trying to find it and said he wasn’t sure he’d received one. Using her “outside voice”, she incredulously asked “you don’t have a receipt?” Certain that we wouldn’t get our food without it, I looked around the cafe to confirm we were still the only customers. I almost asked if she remembered ringing us up not 30 minutes prior but before I could be so bold, Stephen produced our ticket.

I’m glad to say the food was okay but not so good that I need to go back. I can only imagine the chaos that ensues when they have more than one customer at a time. Imagine when they figure out how to answer the phone!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


We were standing next to the trumpet

We were standing next to the trumpet


Comments on: "New Restaurant Experience" (2)

  1. Good grief. I love a good meal as much, umm probably more than, the next person, but that would hack me off. I wouldn’t reward them with my business. Sounds like they will be closed before long. I love that they wanted you to produce a receipt. Even Starbucks doesn’t do that, and they are mobbed all the time (although I’m not sure why).

    • The good thing was that the experience provided fodder for the blog – food for thought, so to speak. This blog wrote itself – I love it when that happens! But, yeah, we won’t go back.

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