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Bird in a Bag

Parrots are easily bored. To keep their interest, it’s important to change their toys on a regular basis. When Amy, my parrot, wants something new she takes it out on everyone around her. She’ll scream – at the top of her lungs. In the summer when the windows are open, I’m often concerned that the neighbors will call the cops thinking someone’s being tortured in my house. Amy will also chew on things – she used to crawl down her cage and chew on walls, furniture, remote controls – anything that struck her fancy. We’ve since modified her cage to prevent her from walking around the room when her door’s open.

A couple of months ago we discovered the most wonderful thing to keep her occupied. She likes paper bags. We discovered this by accident when I put a paper bag from take-out on the top of her cage. She immediately looked inside and started making happy noises which sounded different inside the bag. She then went inside to chew her way out.

Amy in the bag

Amy in the bag

Over time we’ve learned that she only likes one type of bag – from Noodles and Company. Now when we go there, we show them pictures of Amy inside their bag in an effort to get an extra one. So far it’s worked every time. Even with the bags, she gets bored. It has to be changed every now and then so she can start fresh.

At the end of the blog, I’ve included a couple of videos of her playing in the bag. As you’ll see in the first video, sometimes we add a box for extra fun!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



Comments on: "Bird in a Bag" (4)

  1. when it comes to love from your pet…. “It’s in the bag”

  2. That’s so cute! Makes Amy happy, and has the added advantage of absolutely requiring that you get carry-out on a regular basis. I mean, for her sake.

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