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Home Sleep Study

I’ve been wearing an oral appliance at night to prevent sleep apnea. To prove that the device is working, I had to undergo a home sleep study. In order to accomplish this, it was necessary to pick up a compilation of recording equipment from my doctor’s office.

Upon my arrival, I told the staff the reason for my visit. The nurse said she would retrieve the equipment and I could be on my way. She thought I already knew how to use it. At the same time, the receptionist politely said I owed a $40 copay. Flabbergasted, I paid, all the while thinking that they thought I was simply coming to pick up the equipment. It seemed excessive but I paid anyway.

When I asked the nurse if she was going to instruct me, she said “didn’t you do a home study last time?” referring to my initial participation that diagnosed the apnea. I told her “no” to which she replied: “You did an in-lab study? Why did you do that?” Thinking maybe I was being punked and there was a camera somewhere in the office, I answered her question with a question: “Because you told me to?” With no further discussion and no one rushing out to say the joke was on me, the nurse went to another room to set up a video that would show me what to do. After watching the 3-minute video and talking to the nurse for another 2 minutes, I was on my way. I wanted to stay longer to get my $40 worth, but it was too awkward.

I thought about that co-pay over the weekend and wondered if they would charge me to return everything. I was bound and determined not to pay again so I laid out my plan. I would open their front door, keep it open with my foot (in case they locked me in until I paid), throw the bag at the nurse and run out. Well, there was no co-pay for the return but I have to see the doctor to get the results. Another $40 please!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Here I am, all hooked up to the equipment, ready for bed

Here I am, wearing my oral appliance, hooked up to the equipment, ready for bed



Comments on: "Home Sleep Study" (2)

  1. First of all, no one can accessorize like you girl. Fab-u-lous. Second, I have done the same sleep study at home. It did not cost me $40. And I did not look that freaking cute. WTF.

  2. Thank you for noticing the accessories. I worried that maybe it was over the top but they always look so fancy on TV, it seemed appropriate for the occasion. Given that your home study wasn’t $40 and mine was $40 plus $40 to get the results, I think I got cheated. Well, at least I looked good.

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