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Minot, ND Airport

Traveling home from Minot, North Dakota, my sister and I were both happy to be going through the new airport. Open for only a few months, it still smelled new. With six gates instead of the old airport’s two, my sister described it as a “real airport”.

When we arrived, we were the first in line but unfortunately the ticket agent wasn’t there. We had to wait 30 minutes before they were available to check my sister’s bag.

Long lines to check bags

Long lines to check bags

With that behind us, we headed up to security. Once again we were first in line and once again, they were closed – not opening for another 15 minutes.

Woo-hoo! First in line at security!

Woo-hoo! First in line at security!

Either a lot of people arrive too early or the lines get long, because the local pub will deliver spirits while you wait.

Notice the fine print

Notice the fine print

Of course the Tap House was closed when we were there.

As we were standing around chatting with the four other passengers, I noticed a sign that listed how to expedite getting through security. Unfortunately, it was too far away to read. I doubt it would have made a difference, anyway.

Helpful instructions are more helpful if you can read them

Helpful instructions are more helpful if you can read them

When the gates finally opened, Diana and I proudly headed through the pre-check line – this time first to be screened. By then, there was a huge crowd – at least 10 passengers. As luck would have it, Diana was selected for additional screening. I just can’t take her anywhere.

Finally on the other side, waiting for our flight, I noticed footprints to line yourself up for a selfie.

This beckoned me

This beckoned me

Sensing this must be a scenic spot, I complied.

Notice the scenic background

Notice the scenic background

In spite of our multiple delays, the airport was a positive experience. If you’re looking for stress-free travel, I highly recommend the new Minot airport.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



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  2. Nice job. You almost have me convinced that North Dakota really exists.

  3. So many chuckles ( and so envious of travel ease) Maybe the selfie spot only works if you are much taller and have really wide hair….no, maybe not.

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