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The Undead Camera

After shattering my cell phone, I decided I needed a more protective phone case so I bought one of those wallet types.

My new phone case

My new phone case

Like most people, I always carry my phone with me, but in my case I bring my camera which also happens to be a phone. Yesterday in a pet store, I saw the cutest little puppy. He was lying on his back with his round baby belly on display for all the world to see, drinking from the water bottle hanging from the side of his cage. He was just too sleepy to get up, yet he had to have a drink. In typical form, I grabbed my phone to take a picture. However, my camera wasn’t working. The photo I took looked like this.

This isn't a very good picture

This isn’t a very good picture

My first thought was that I had just gotten my phone fixed and now the camera was broken. Trying to figure out what was wrong, I realized I had flipped the front of the new case to the back covering the camera lens. By then the Kodak moment had passed.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,





Comments on: "The Undead Camera" (4)

  1. The moment was not lost just the picture of it.. memories make the world a better place to be. cucumber lemonade is good too.

  2. Pet store puppy: It was just too dark a subject to record?

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