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When I was a kid, my favorite piece of playground equipment was the Giant Strides. Picture a pole with chains dangling from the top. At kid height, the chains had handles. We would grab these handles and run around the pole jumping as high as we could. It felt like we were flying. The challenges were not to hit other kids or the pole. As an adult, I see how dangerous Giant Strides were and understand why they’re no longer available.

Giant Strides

Giant Strides

This summer a new playground opened in the park near my house. It has all kinds of nifty areas – sandbox, rock wall, music box, puzzles, puppet stage, numerous slides, ladders and other climbing areas.

New Park

New Park

One of its most unusual features is that it’s tied to an app – it’s a “smart” playground.

Playground App

Playground App

Parents are directed to encourage their children to play outside by having them capture invisible bots hiding in various areas of the playground. Once captured, the child brings the bot to the parent who opens a cage into which the fictional creature is deposited. He/she then releases the bot back into the wild by tickling, washing or doing some other activity as directed by the app.

Apparently, the belief is that kids won’t play unless they have encouragement from an electronic device. I found this somewhat ironic given the varied activities available in the playground. Which brings me back to my fond memories of the Giant Strides. Imagination doesn’t need batteries, playgrounds don’t need to be “smart” to be fun and kids are fully capable of getting hurt the old fashioned way. Here’s to “stupid” bumps and bruises that create wonderful memories for a lifetime.

May the farce be with you!

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Comments on: "Playgrounds" (4)

  1. Kids need to fly! (and get hurt. Kids “bend” more than adults and heal faster…teaches cause and effect… and when you say, do that and you’ll get hurt actually means something)
    On the farm we had a long thick board that spun on a giant bolt driven into a huge upright 6 or 8 ” post. Called a Spinning Jenny – it was a primitive merry-go-round. We created all sorts of play events with that thing. Lots of splinters – but hey, kids need to learn to deal with splinters in life. (we walked barefoot across burning hot cattle guards and down long dusty roads, too as we created treasuer hunts with maps…no app for that)
    Sounds like some company has a sales gimmick – one parents need to think about before buying into?

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