True, embellished and fictional stories for your amusertainment

Talk Like a Pirate Day is on Monday, September 19. To make sure you’re prepared for this auspicious holiday, following are a few common phrases translated into pirate speak. Translations occur in italics where needed.

Ahoy! How be you today?

I had cackle fruit for breaksmartly. (eggs for breakfast)

Where would you like t’ go for what crawled out o’ t’ bung hole? (Where do you want to go for lunch?)

What you be hungry for?

Avast ye (pay attention)

Do it smartly (fast)

I need t’ use t’ head. (bathroom)

I want a grog in a black jack (alcohol in a big cup)

I’m three sheets to the wind from too much grog.

The capn’ ul feed me to the fish if I don’t finish me work.

You scallywag (bastard)

You son of a biscuit eater (bastard)

You bilge rat (bastard)

Blimey! (wow)

Yo ho ho! (yay)

Aye! (yes)

C’mere me buxom beauty [recommended for use only at home]

If you’d like to be more prepared, the founders of TLAPD prepared this short video to make anyone look like an experienced buccaneer.

In preparation, be sure to get your Pirate Name. Mine is Cap’n Antonia Sharkchum and Stephen’s is Pirate Darius the Terrible. Finally, dress for the part. You might even want to include the whole family.

The whole family is ready for ITLAPD

The whole family is ready for TLAPD

Don’t be a landlubber – grab yer hat and hornpipe and enjoy TLAPD. If anyone gives ya trouble, squint one eye, lean in close and say “What you be lookin’ at ya bilge rat?”

With plenty of time to prepare, yer day should be a success!

May the farce be with you – arr!

Your IFF,

Cap’n Antonia Sharkchum


Comments on: "Are You Ready for Talk Like A Pirate Day?" (4)

  1. Arr you going to enjoy the day with a pint of Pirates brew?

  2. If I’m going to walk the plank, I want new shoes – pirate booties, of course! (with nonskid soles for boats…hmmm, that marine store down the street has Sperry topsiders….)
    Thanks for hoisting the warning flags

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