True, embellished and fictional stories for your amusertainment

Diary of a Spider

Dear Diary: Today is glorious. My 1,400 siblings and I have hatched. We’ve said our goodbyes and are scattering to the wind. Although we only knew each other for a few seconds, our parting was bittersweet.

Dear Diary: I am beyond ecstatic. I have found the perfect spot to weave my home – next to a light with a roof and a beautiful post to extend my web. It’s still daytime yet I’ve already caught a tasty treat.

Dear Diary: Night is upon us and the light has miraculously turned itself on. I didn’t have to do a thing. Now I’m waiting for the wondrous bounty that awaits.

Dear Diary: I’ve run into a snag. One of the walls next to my web has a hole that opens. Giant two legged creatures walk into the hole and disappear; they call the hole a door. One of them screams when near and moves incredibly fast. I fear this will scare away my prey.

Dear Diary: Last night was difficult. The giants moved through the hole and past my web several times during the night. One even tried to chase me away but I remain steadfast.

Dear Diary: The screaming giant is back. Although the others laugh, they make every attempt to protect the loud one. I fear my home may be in danger. In fact, I also fear for my life.

Dear Diary: The danger is increasing. I remain vigilant as the giants continue to invade my space.

Dear Diary: The worst has happened. One of the giants caught me and placed me in a leafy area far from my home. I’m afraid I will starve.

Dear Diary: All is well. My new home has turned out much better than I hoped. I have many spaces to weave my web and prey steadily wander into my trap. The best part – no more giants.

Dear Diary: The giants has been replaced by four legged, long tailed green creatures. The giants call them lizards. They move quickly and eat my food. I must plot my revenge.

Dear Diary: The lizards have eaten several of my siblings. I am ever vigilant.

Dear Diary: I’m truly frightened, a lizard has approached my web. He possesses a wildly dangerous demean~~~

Spiders are extremely proficient on the web

Spiders are extremely proficient on the web


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