True, embellished and fictional stories for your amusertainment

Once upon a dark night creeping

Came some children to my door.

“Trick or treat” they all exclaimed

“Give me candy, give me more”.

One looked dead and one was red with devil horns upon his head.

Providing treats throughout the night

I soon grew bored, my task turned trite.

To make the evening more engaging

I decided to request

A trick before dispensing candy:

“Do a trick – please do your best”.

The children failed to comprehend what I was asking, what I meant.

And so I turned the tables on them staving off my discontent.

As the children gathered round

I brought to them my goofy hounds.

The children giggled, even screamed.

My dogs were dressed for Halloween.

They sat for treats, they danced around,

They jumped for joy, played dead, laid down.

They offered tricks before the treats.

Now every year kids come to see

My puppies dressed for Hallow’s Eve.

"Bony Tony"

“Bony Tony”

Quarter Bark and Cheer Leader

Quarter Bark and Cheer Leader




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  1. Life is good when you have dogs…. and candy… and …..

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