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The Eyes Have It

I’ve worn corrective lenses most of my life and through the years my vision has both deteriorated and improved. However, I’ve never experienced a situation like the following.

Stephen and I took the sidecar motorcycle on a 20 mile ride to attend an outdoor craft fair. I usually wear my glasses on the motorcycle but that day I had my contacts in so I closed my eyes to prevent them from drying out. It was enjoyable because the smells, sounds and feel of the wind on my skin were intensified.

We wear helmets unless there’s a photo op

Arriving at our destination, we walked through the fair, chatting with vendors and perusing their wares. We then ate lunch and spent time at a mall.

Craft Fair (Photo credit: Village of Algonquin)

When we got home and I went to remove my contacts, I reached for my lens case only to discover that I had forgotten to put them in. Apparently, I spent the entire day free of any corrective lenses.

Now some might say my vision had improved for the day – a Christmas miracle in July. Others would laugh that my older brain experienced a major blip resulting in forgetfulness and poor attention to detail. Being the incurable optimist that I am, I vote for the first explanation. Since mine is the only vote that counts, I can confidently state that the Ayes have it!

Aye Ayes have it too! (Photo credit: Bristol Zoo)

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


To learn more about Aye Ayes, see the video below. It’s hilarious.

Warning: video contains salty language although Aye Ayes eat very little, if any, salt.


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