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Failed New Year’s Resolutions


An Alternative Perspective on Santa

Merry Christmas!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


10 Funky and Irreverent Holiday Gifts

With Good Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, if you’re still looking for gifts, here are ten of my favorites. All are affordable at less than $30.

1. Game of Thrones Toilet Decal – the perfect addition to the porcelain throne.

GOT Toilet Decal (From ebay)

2. Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats – you can make your cat as happy as the one in the picture.

Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats (from Jet)

3. Cheesus Christ Cheese Grater – for those who celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Cheesus Christ Cheese Grater (From Amazon)

4. Personalized Face Luggage – never lose your suitcase again and scare small children in the process.

Personalized Face Luggage (From thisiswhyimbroke)

5. Hands-Free Umbrella – goofy looking but very practical. I would wear this.

Hands Free Umbrella (From Amazon)

6. Offensive Business Cards – perfect for awkward occasions.

Offensive Business Cards (From etsy)

7. Star Wars Light Switch Cover – for those who need help distinguishing between the Light and Dark sides.

Star Wars Light Switch Cover (From Amazon)

8. Middle Finger Mug – I’ve always liked finding a surprise design at the bottom of a cup or bowl but I’ve never had one give me the finger!

Middle Finger Mug (From thisiswhyimbroke)

9. Poop soap – for bathroom use only. Great for children and man babies.

Poop Soap (From shutupandtakemymoney)

10. The Official BS Button – useful any place, any time. The gift that keeps on giving.

Official BS Button (from Amazon)

As always, I hope these ideas will help you find the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy person on your list. Happy shopping!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,












Holiday Feast

Do you recognize anyone in your family?

Happy Holidays!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Dear Kitten

I imagine that Max and Mia have had a similar conversation with Audrey.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


The New Millennium?

During my career, one of my responsibilities included recruiting and hiring new employees. I’ll never forget the candidate who urinated in the alley outside the building after the interview. It was dumb luck that we saw him and of course he had no idea we were watching. We figured there was something wrong with a person who would want to work for a company they thought didn’t have indoor plumbing so we didn’t hire him.

When I left the corporate world, I thought I would miss the craziness. The following video by¬†Allie Stuckey, “The Conservative Millennial” reconfirmed that I made the right decision to leave. Although this video is a spoof, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually happened.

Well done, Allie!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


POT(ty) of Gold

What do a handsome prince, ice cream, unicorns and pooping have in common? Why Squatty Potty, of course! Entrepreneurs Bobby, Judy, and Bill Edwards took on the challenge of improving human waste elimination with their simple invention known as the Squatty Potty, a bathroom stool that makes pooping easier. Anatomically, humans were designed to squat to eliminate, contrary to the posture created when using a toilet. Squatty Potty solves this dilemma by combining the comfort of modern plumbing with squatting.

Against the advice of their investors, the Edwards implemented a marketing campaign focused on a handsome prince and pooping unicorn. After the commercial began to air, sales increased more than 600%. Not only impressed with their success, I thought the commercial was hilariously ingenious so I decided to share it here. (Warning: you may find ice cream less appealing after viewing).

When in doubt, go with your gut and the Squatty Potty!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



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