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How The Cubs Won The World Series

This past week the Chicago Cubs made history when they won the World Series. Prior to their win, they held the record for the longest drought in North American sports – 108 years. Why did it take the Cubs so long to win the World Series and why did they win it now?

As I’ve reported in previous posts, the Cubs were cursed in 1945 when they refused to allow Billy Sianis to bring his goat, Murphy, into the stadium. So incensed at this rejection, Billy placed a curse on the cubs proclaiming “Dem Cubs, dey ain’t gonna win no more”. The only way to break the curse was to invite a goat to a game.

Billy and Murphy

Billy and Murphy

For 108 years people scoffed at the curse, claiming it had nothing to do with Cubs’ losses. During the 2016 World Series, Bill Murray openly declared what he thought of the curse with his Ghostbusters-esque t-shirt: I ain’t afraid of no goats.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray

After watching Game 7, I’ll admit that talent, skill and teamwork contributed significantly to the Cubs’ win. However, I’m not willing to give up the goat and the part it played in breaking the curse. During Game 4 of the Division playoffs, the Cubs were playing the Giants in San Francisco. In an attempt to channel the curse against the Cubs, a Giants fan walked around the outside of the stadium with his goat. His goal – to keep the curse alive. However, it backfired when the Cubs won.

Spock the goat outside the Giants Stadium

Spock the goat outside the Giants Stadium

Some might think it’s simply a coincidence that a goat showed up at a Cubs game prior to them winning the World Series after a 108 year slump. To me? It’s obvious the Cubs got their mojo back when the San Francisco goat lifted the curse. Regardless of the reason for the win, it was thrilling to witness a piece of Chicago history when the Cubs took the title.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



Inspirational words from Chicago Cubs Manager to the team: "Try not to suck"

Inspirational words from Chicago Cubs Manager to the team: “Try not to suck”


The crowd went wild!

And the crowd went wild!

Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat

Looks like he’s a Cubs fan

Louisville Slugger

The best in his league, it took Louis Ville Slug nearly 12 hours to get to first base, assuming no one stepped on him.

The best in his league, it took Louie Ville Slug nearly 12 hours to get to first base, assuming no one stepped on him.


Common Tater

Nothing special, just a common tater

Cubs – Don’t Get Mad, Get Your Goat

I’m obsessed with the Chicago Cubs baseball team. This statement might seem odd since I’ve never seen them play and I don’t follow sports. Technically, it’s not the game that fascinates me, it’s the curse.

In the 1934, tavern owner Billy Sianis adopted a baby goat (Murphy) that fell off a truck in front of his bar. (The “falling off a truck” thing happens a lot in Chicago.) He was so infatuated with Murphy that he began calling himself Billy Goat, grew a goatee and renamed his bar The Billy Goat Tavern (of Saturday Night Live “Cheezborger, Cheezborger, No Coke” fame).

Billy often took Murphy to unusual locations, including Cubs games. Normally the stands were empty so it wasn’t a problem.

However in 1945, fans converged on the stadium to see the Cubs play in the World Series. Seven years had passed since the Cubs were in the Series; the war was ending – both reasons for hope and excitement. The anticipation was palpable.

Then partway into the game, Billy was asked to remove Murphy because his odor was disturbing other fans. The insult was more than Billy could bear so he placed a curse on the Cubs saying something like: “Dem Cubs, dey ain’t gonna win no more”.

Some people thought this meant the Cubs would never win a championship whereas others thought there would never be another World Series won at Wrigley Field. After all these years, we might find out.

As the second oldest baseball stadium in the United States, there’s a proposal to renovate the field to the tune of $500M. If the request is denied, the owners have threatened to leave Chicago.

Which goes back to the curse. Could this be a turning point for the Cubs? If they left Wrigley would they have a chance at winning the World Series? If another team started playing at Wrigley, would the curse apply to them?

Personally, I don’t think we’ll ever know because I believe the Cubs are here to stay. That leaves only one solution: the renovation must include a place for a goat.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


What happens to the goat?

Get a goat!

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