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Easter Fool’s Day

Easter falls on April Fool’s

Where egg hunts led, now pranksters rule

The bunny dons a Santa suit

Baskets filled with Christmas loot

Chocolate puppies in the stores

Peeps that look like tiny boars

Nothing beats what next you’ll see

The stores displaying Christmas trees

It’s funny but kinda mean at the same time

Image from NobleWorks Cars


Easter Poem

I found these eggs by my front door, brought by the Easter Bunny.

When I looked inside the eggs, I laughed at something funny.

One egg, it was still unhatched, one had a dinosaur,

Stephen filled the other egg which caused my laugh to roar.

After fully hatching, I brought Stephen home.

As soon as he escaped the egg, the man began to roam.

He brought home many creatures, the dogs I liked the best.

They put up with all kinds of stuff, even getting dressed.

Life is full of ups and downs, cloudy days and sunny.

I love the times you don’t expect, like these three Easter Bunnies.

I find every day is a complete and total treasure.

I hope your days are filled with joy and laughter beyond measure.

Peep Show

The real reason Peeps are so popular


Photo courtesy of one of my favorite greeting cards

Easter Egg Surprise

What's in your Easter basket?

What’s in your Easter basket?

Easter Bunny

Every bunny has his day. Now it's the Easter Bunny's turn.

Every bunny has his day. Now it’s the Easter Bunny’s turn.

Fractured Cliché #21

Fractured Cliché: Preaching to the congregation

Correct Cliché: Preaching to the choir

Fractured Cliché: Rome was built in a day

Correct Cliché: Rome wasn’t built in a day

Today’s Fractured Clichés pay tribute to Easter and highlight two traditions I had never experienced before coming to Chicago.

On Fat Tuesday, Chicago celebrates Pączki Day. A Pączki is a deep fried Polish pastry with a sweet filling. It’s such a big deal that people line up outside bakeries early in the morning to purchase them before they’re sold out. The traditional reason for making them was to use up the lard, sugar, eggs and fruit in the house because Catholics couldn’t eat them during Lent.

The second Chicago tradition is the pepper and egg sandwich. In case you haven’t heard of it, the pepper is green – not black. If you practice dietary restrictions during Lent, it’s a great alternative to fish.

If you celebrate Easter, have a good one. If you don’t, I hope you’ve been eating whatever you want. I tried a Pączki stuffed with pepper and egg.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


What's in your Easter basket?

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