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Oh Holey Sole

I don’t like winter. As a result, I often take irrational steps to pretend it doesn’t exist. Although I don a coat at the first sign of dropping temperatures, when it snows, I rarely wear boots, instead opting for tennis shoes or fleece lined clogs.

I have this preposterous thought in the back of my head that if I refuse to wear boots, I can prevent snow from falling. It’s never worked, nevertheless my behavior remains unchanged.

The first snowfall of the year, Stephen and I attended an arts and crafts show. True to form, I wore my tennis shoes. I got in the car in the garage and didn’t step outside in the snow until we arrived at our destination.

As soon as I stepped onto the slushy pavement, much to my surprise, I felt freezing water rush past my toes to the top of my foot. Running and squealing into the building, my feet were freezing and soaked before I got inside. In the entry, between fits of laughter, I told Stephen what happened. The soles of my shoes apparently had open holes of which I was unaware.

The offending footwear

The sole offender

I sloshed for three hours throughout the entire show. When it was finally time to leave, my feet were still cold and wet. I thought this might be Mother Nature’s way of telling me my choice of footwear could not control the weather.

The experience left an indelible mark on my sole and as a result, I’ve stopped wearing tennis shoes in the snow – clogs it is.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



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