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Halloween Poem 2018

On Halloween my mind goes wild

With thoughts from my inner child

The ghastly pair that once stood guard

Is now displayed in this front yard

The dragon full of spit and fire

Just sits atop a lonely wire

The witch that cast a spell and hex

Is resting on my neighbor’s deck

The crow that beckoned at my door

No longer caws his “nevermore”

Wine and Spirits

Whine and spirits

Dog Halloween Poem

As dusk arrives on Halloween,

the puppies run, the kiddies scream

with delight.

They’ve never seen

these costumes on the dogs.




yellow submarine,

quarterbark & cheerleader,

cowboy dressed in jeans.

Buns with a real dog inside,

a skunk that’s safe – no need to hide

A family photo filled with pride,


May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,





Unlike his cousin the Werewolf, the Swearwolf’s transformation isn’t dictated by the lunar cycle.


Castles and Unicorns will never be the same

Black Cats

The other cats are not impressed

Panda Express

The Panda on the right: “Hi, I’m the real one.”

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