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Heroin Addict

Mary Jane had seen Wonder Woman more than 100 times before her doctor diagnosed her with a Heroine Addiction


Cars on Crack – PSA

It started out innocently – a little weed – what could it hurt?  But then it turned into something we never saw coming.

Stephen and our friend Nic took our LR2 to a Land Rover excursion in southern Wisconsin. This was a playdate where fellow Land Rover owners could drive around together in fields and mud. More than 20 Land Rovers were there, even a dog – a great way to spend a summer afternoon.  And it sounded so innocent.

It seems natural that neither Stephen or Nic would give the signs a second thought. Our cars wouldn’t do anything wrong. We’re a nice family.

They first noticed the weed around the LR2 when they took a break for lunch.  And when they got home, they washed the car and saw it again.  Something in the back of their minds shouted “there’s something to be concerned about – isn’t there?” But they simply let it go and forgot about it.

If we had only payed attention at the beginning and done something back then; but we had blinders on and thought “it couldn’t happen to our cars”.

Then the following spring, it all came crashing down.  We left the house for a few hours – taking the Mitsubishi.  Our errands went faster than we had anticipated, so we arrived home early.  And, it’s lucky we did.  We couldn’t believe our eyes when we pulled into the driveway.  The LR2 was mainlining heroin!!!  When we removed the syringe, we found evidence that it had started with a little crack.

See what a little crack can lead to?

You would have thought that our negligence from the summer before would have taught us a lesson; but once again we did not act swiftly enough.  The next week we found the Mitsubishi snorting cocaine.

Act On Early Warning Signs - Don't Let This Happen To Your Cars

Learning that our second car started this ugly addiction by following the first, we finally took action.  Both were immediately put into rehab – they had their oil changed and their interior/exterior cleaned. Now they undergo random oil testing and adhere to a strict curfew.

When you think it can’t happen to you or your cars – take a lesson from us.  It can happen in any home, in any neighborhood, at any age.  When you see the signs, act quickly and harshly.  Stop it in its tracks.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


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