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Tea Party

This tea bag had a little too much to drink

Life Interrupted

Last week, Professor Robert Kelly was conducting a live interview when his children crashed the party. It added much needed levity to my week and, in case you missed it, I’ve posted it below.

Of course men aren’t the only parents whose lives are interrupted by children. A New Zealand comedy show Jono and Ben demonstrated what would happen if a woman found herself in a similar position. I think she handled things slightly better than he did. See if you agree.

Hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Top of the moonin’ to ya!

Saving Daylight Time – A Poem

I looked outside my window

And saw to my delight

The strangest glow adorn the sky.

I’ve heard it’s called sunlight.

The yellow ball is rarely seen

In my neck of the woods

It’s mostly gray and often rains

Throughout my neighborhoods.

That’s why I got excited

When I heard the day was here

To switch to daylight savings time

Which means that spring is near.

As clocks advance upon first glance

Sun dissipates the gloom.

The longer days and daylight saves

Will brighten up my room.

Spring is but a leap away

From dreary skies and dismal days,

Flowers’ bouquet, their grand display

Will shake me from this cloudy haze.

Perhaps if time did not change

Then winter might extend its range.

So change the time, let’s summon spring

And all the joy that it will bring.


Another sign of spring


The Man Bun

Upscale burger joints now offer the man bun

Upscale burger joints now offer the man bun

Shopping with Dick and Jane

Last weekend I felt like I was in a Saturday Night Live skit. I was grocery shopping at a popular chain store – let’s call it Trader Jim’s. That’s not the real name because it’s important to protect the actual store’s identity.

The week before I had purchased a delicious cauliflower meal and wanted to buy it again. After failed attempts to find it, I asked a clerk who was stocking shelves. Without looking up, “Dick” pointed to the aisle behind where he was working. When Dick’s dismal directions led me nowhere, I let him know I still couldn’t find the cauliflower. This time, he grunted and pointed in the opposite direction. Again, the food was nowhere to be found.

Wandering aimlessly, I saw another clerk, “Jane”, who was actually helping someone. She even gave eye contact! When I presented my request, she tilted her head in a thoughtful manner and repeated the name back to me in a questioning form. “Szechwan cauliflower?” Having no idea where the product might be, she took me to the manager who said they sold no such item and suggested that I might have purchased it elsewhere. Recognizing an obvious breakdown in communication, I described the product. Once we all understood that the szechwan cauliflower was actually kung pao, Jane immediately took me to the correct location… which was next to Dick.

Thinking about Dick, he directed me to a product the store doesn’t carry, twice, without ever speaking or looking up. I thought about pointing him out to Jane but was afraid she either wouldn’t see him because he wasn’t really there or would tell me he wasn’t one of their employees. If Dick is working next week and still acting like a dick, I may risk everything and point him out to Jane.

By the way, Trader Jim’s szechwan cauliflower was delicious.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


So happy I found my cauliflower

So happy I found my cauliflower


Once the transmissions became self-aware, they took comfort knowing they could choose the service bay that was consistent with their identity

Once the transmissions became self-aware, they took comfort knowing they could choose the service bay that was consistent with their identity

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