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When I was in college, I had the privilege of witnessing a total solar eclipse. We didn’t have solar glasses, so we had to view it through a box with a pin hole. Last summer, I experienced it again, but this time special glasses were available. It was a truly awesome experience.

Stephen (lab coat) and his coworkers watching the solar eclipse in their goofy glasses

This past week, there was a lunar eclipse of a blue super moon. When there’s a second full moon in a month, it’s called a blue moon. A super moon is when the moon is closest to earth causing it to appear larger; it has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. Considering the special glasses we had to wear last summer for the solar eclipse, I searched on line for lunar eclipse glasses but couldn’t find any – so I made some. Here’s a shot of Stephen watching the eclipse.

Stephen wearing his special lunar eclipse glasses

You’ll note there isn’t any glass in the lenses because superstition states that if you look at a blue moon through glass, you’ll have 30 days of bad luck. I’m sure that bad luck must be multiplied if you add in the super moon and the eclipse.

I suspect the glasses didn’t have any effect on Stephen’s viewing experience. In fact, they’re so useless I’m planning to patent and sell them online. Advance orders taken here!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


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