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Reminder Rights

I used to have a mind like a steel trap. Everything that went in stayed. I could consistently find information and pull it out. As I’ve gotten older, that steel trap has rusted, developing defects. The flaws keep expanding. Now when something goes in, there’s a good chance it will fall out or get caught in a rusty crevice, just out of reach.

In support of all people who experience this unfortunate side effect of aging, I’ve come up with our Reminder Rights. Feel free to give a copy of these rights to anyone who bugs you for forgetting.

  • I have the right to forget without being accused of not listening.
  • I have the right to forget without others becoming frustrated with me.
  • Anything I forget can and will be lost until and unless it’s found.
  • I have the right to lose my keys, glasses and other personal items.
  • I have the right to forget names, appointments and other memories I have held in the past.
  • If I cannot remember, others may remind or recall for me unless it gets on my nerves; at which point they must stop.
  • These are my rights to which I am entitled.
  • You must accept these rights as they have been explained to you.

What were we talking about?

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


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