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Parking Meter

Last weekend Stephen and I decided to do something different. We drove 30 miles to a craft fair in a small town. The fair was on the grounds of the courthouse in the middle of downtown within easy walking distance of shops and restaurants. A perfect venue with perfect weather… until we parked the car and found parking meters. I expect to pay for parking in the city, but when I stop in a small town far from the madding crowds, I presume parking will be free.

Because we were there on a Saturday, I didn’t get too worked up because surely patrons wouldn’t be expected to pay for parking on a weekend – right? We sat in the car for a few moments, observing other people inserting coins into their meters so we knew we had to do the same. Cursing like a parrot attached to a drunken pirate, I got out of the car and stomped to the meter. When I saw the charges, I burst out laughing. Not only are the charges ridiculously affordable, the amount of money collected is probably far less than the salary of the person who empties them.

Our total charge was 20 cents for the day. We left early, leaving a whopping 1 cent on the meter. As we left our spot, a big Ford SUV pulled in behind us. I was glad to give them our penny. It felt good to pay it Ford.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



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