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Dog Halloween Poem

As dusk arrives on Halloween,

the puppies run, the kiddies scream

with delight.

They’ve never seen

these costumes on the dogs.




yellow submarine,

quarterbark & cheerleader,

cowboy dressed in jeans.

Buns with a real dog inside,

a skunk that’s safe – no need to hide

A family photo filled with pride,


May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,






Unlike his cousin the Werewolf, the Swearwolf’s transformation isn’t dictated by the lunar cycle.


Castles and Unicorns will never be the same

The Back-up Plan

Years ago, Stephen was backing up the car and ran over my foot. It was a small car and only crushed my toes, so thankfully I was okay. He claimed it was an accident.

The other day, I went outside as Stephen left for work. As he was backing out of the garage, I stood to the side of the car near the house. He backed out slowly and when he finally saw me, he rolled his window down and said:

“I was looking for you. The back-up alarm wasn’t beeping and I didn’t feel a thump, so I was pretty sure I didn’t run over you.”

This is a simulation – do not try this at home

At the time, I thought he was relieved. But then I remembered the first incident. When I learned he’d become a body guard for the Kingsman – a dangerous and violent profession, I began to wonder if it truly was an accident. What do you think?

Stephen serves as a body guard for the Kingsman during his spare time

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



Black Cats

The other cats are not impressed

Panda Express

The Panda on the right: “Hi, I’m the real one.”

Fur Fox Sake

Stephen has no shame. If there was ever any doubt, the Easter Bunny post solidified the fact that Stephen will do anything for attention. Given his disposition, Stephen finds Halloween to be a glorious time when he can be goofy in ways not normally available to him. Today starts a month long pictorial of the lengths to which Stephen will go to appear in my blog.

Notice the Foxy head tilt

Stephen and I both have a particular fondness for foxes because of the wacky video “What Does The Fox Say?”. If you watch until the end, you’ll find out and it’s not what you’d expect.

May the fox be with you!

Your IFF,


Bay da ba bop bum bay dum

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