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Dear Kitten

I imagine that Max and Mia have had a similar conversation with Audrey.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



The New Millennium?

During my career, one of my responsibilities included recruiting and hiring new employees. I’ll never forget the candidate who urinated in the alley outside the building after the interview. It was dumb luck that we saw him and of course he had no idea we were watching. We figured there was something wrong with a person who would want to work for a company they thought didn’t have indoor plumbing so we didn’t hire him.

When I left the corporate world, I thought I would miss the craziness. The following video by Allie Stuckey, “The Conservative Millennial” reconfirmed that I made the right decision to leave. Although this video is a spoof, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually happened.

Well done, Allie!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Cats vs. Dogs

This video illustrates the differences between cats and dogs perfectly. And it’s hilarious!

Happy Mother’s Day


April Fools 2017

Every year companies come up with April Fool’s ads. Following is a compilation of those I found most funny. My favorite video is #1. If you only watch one, choose this. My favorite product is #2 – I want to own one but I don’t want anyone else to have it. #3 is too complicated for me; it may be geared toward a different generation. I find #s 4 and 5 mildly disgusting, although the ads are funny. Remember, as much as you might like what you see, none of these products are real.

1. Reality Glasses


2. Lane Valet


3. Honda Horn Emojis

4. Pet Fur Watches

5. Whopper Toothpaste

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


All About That Change

Post-Christmas Bloat

After helping Santa deliver 7,281,439,471* presents on Christmas Eve, the reindeer were entitled to a little overindulgence.

*Number of presents from

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