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Goal Setting

I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately. It’s been tough to focus on writing, so I haven’t gotten a lot accomplished.

As a result, I mentioned to Stephen that I needed to do some goal setting. I must have mumbled because he shot back “gold digging”?

Giving him a strange look, I repeated myself more clearly. After which I said that it was too late for me to be a gold digger since we were already married.

Being very open minded, Stephen said “Haven’t you heard of plural families?” When I replied that “I guess we could do that”, he lit up like a Christmas tree and said “Good. I could use some help around here.”  Apparently I’ve been neglecting more than writing.

This brief conversation helped me tremendously. I’m sitting down today to create my goal setting list for gold digging. I need to find a rich “brother husband” to help Stephen.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Time to get Stephen some help

Time to get Stephen some help


Last week I accidentally posted today’s blog. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem except I was on vacation and didn’t do any writing.  So today you get a preview of what’s to come.

One of these resulted in a near disaster on my trip. Can you guess which one? Check back next week to find out.

Fish Boil



May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


The Sinkularity Effect

Thank you for reading The Write Choice. This week I’m taking a slight departure from my normal posts by telling you a little bit more about myself. I’ve also got a special surprise for you at the end.

In the last About Face, Hole-istic Approach, I exposed the rising prevalence of sinkholes across our planet and proposed a business venture in response. This week, I provide an alternative explanation that you could say is out of this world.

Before I show you the “evidence”, I thought you might be interested in a glimpse into what life is like as a writer.  My days in no way resemble my life when I was working in Human Resources.  I still use my brain of course, but am now exercising my “write” brain more than my left.

Obviously I’m still writing this Flogitter. The three types of stories (Blog Story (BS), How Tweet It Is, & About Face) require slightly different thinking and ways of writing, which has been good for me. I never expected to incorporate pictures into every post, it just kind of happened. I hope it’s something you enjoy.

I’m also still writing HR articles for ( Because they are business oriented, it requires me to dig into the intellectual portion of my brain (which I am glad to say is still there). An unexpected challenge is the task of finding a local angle for my articles. I try every time, but am not always successful.

Although I haven’t mentioned it in a while, I’m still working on my book.  After receiving excellent feedback from another aspiring author (thanks Todd!), I’m creating and adding new stories.  I’m excited about the turn the book is taking and will provide excerpts here when the time is right.

Something I didn’t anticipate writing were movies through This has tested my wit and ability to present material succinctly.  My fifth and latest film is another contest entry – this time the Trekkie SciFi contest. I couldn’t resist incorporating the Mayan’s end of the world prediction and coupling it with the last About Face on sinkholes. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. (Note: links to all of my xtranormal videos can be found on the “About Me” page (button on the upper right). I continue to add videos as I make them.)

Scene from "The Sinkularity Effect". These are the voyeurs of the Starship Enterprise.

Thanks for following The Write Choice. Knowing that you take a few minutes to read my words every week means the world to me. I feel like Read Writing Hood. Please let me know if there’s anything you want to see.  After all, I write for you.

May the farce be with you.

Your IFF and Psy-ficologist,


To view the video, click on the link below. (Sorry I couldn’t insert it directly into the post)

The Sinkularity Effect

The Case Of The Invisible Dog

Have you ever thought you lost something really important and then discovered it was right in front of you all along? This happened to me a few days ago with Dewey, one of my two Italian Greyhounds.

I was preparing to leave the house. The dogs had just been outside, so the only thing I needed to do was get them on their beds and safely locked up in their room.

Mia was set but I had to get Dewey. I called his name and expected him to come running like he normally does. Only this time, my call was met with silence. No pitter-patter of little feet, no dog tags jingling, no nothing.

I checked his bed thinking he might already be there, but he wasn’t. I looked in the usual spots and when he was still nowhere to be found I panicked, running through every room in the house calling Dewey’s name.

When I still couldn’t find him, I decided to see if he was outside. I stopped in my tracks when I got to the door and there sat little Dewey. Apparently, the entire time I was looking for him, he had been on his bed in plain sight. It couldn’t have been more obvious. He was right in front of me, but I didn’t see him.

I believe we all have this type of experience at one time or another. For me, it was writing – staring me in the face until I found it.

Think about your own situation. What’s staring at you? Whatever it is, when you find it I hope it will be just as rewarding as finding Dewey or a new career.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Dewey Hiding In Plain Sight

Sitting Duck

The other morning I was looking out the window to my backyard and saw a squirrel in the bird feeder. A couple of minutes later a flock of ducks (maybe 16 or so) landed and scared the squirrel away.

As the ducks were eating the seed that had fallen out of the feeder, the squirrel, clearly frustrated, started circling the flock. It was obvious that he wanted to eat but was afraid of the ducks (classic approach-avoidance).

Eventually, the squirrel took a risk and ran full blast into the flock scaring all the ducks except one. The remaining duck hunkered down when the others flew away but other than that he didn’t move. Once the dust settled, the lone sitting duck started eating again. Only this time, he didn’t have to compete for the food. The squirrel must have been traumatized because he didn’t resurface.

In reflecting on this wonderfully entertaining exchange, I see a similarity to my own situation. As you know from earlier stories I have experienced some anxiety in moving from Human Resources to writing. I have been very much like that squirrel circling to get in, to get the prize.

I am happy to report that today I feel like the sitting duck. Somewhat vulnerable yet confident in taking the risk and standing alone. Why this sudden change?

I am now being paid to write!  I am a Human Resources writer for the Chicago edition of, another step toward a career in writing.

I’m sure there will still be times I feel like the squirrel, but I’m reveling in being a duck today.

Your IFF,


P.S. If you want to read my articles, they can be found at under Business News and then Careers and Workplace or you can go directly to my page at  Initially, I will be posting two articles per week.

Looking Out From The Inside

What victories (large or small) are you celebrating?


Signs. Life is full them. Some are easy to interpret and some not so much. The easy ones are those you see on the road – like Stop and No U-Turn and don’t require much thought. This post is about signs whose messages aren’t so clear.

Chicago has a lot of tall buildings. In the winter, the buildings collect ice that can fall from great heights onto unsuspecting pedestrians below.

It is common to hear reports every year about people who were injured because they were hit by falling ice. It can be so dangerous that sometimes sidewalks are closed to pedestrian traffic as a safety precaution.

Knowing all this, one would assume that signs about the falling ice would be helpful and direct. Not so.

I was walking in Chicago during the “falling ice” season and in the course of two blocks, I encountered three signs all stating “Caution: Falling Ice”. My first thought was “what am I supposed to do with this information?”

There wasn’t any tape on the sidewalk telling me to stay within the lines. There weren’t any chalk outlines showing where falling ice would land or where others had been injured. I didn’t look but I don’t think they included a disclaimer saying something like “Ha! We told you. Now you can’t sue us if you get hit.” So, what value did those signs provide? Nothing that I could see.

If signs are too vague they don’t help us at all. When it comes to something important (like surviving falling ice), I would like the message to be clear.

As I close this post I would like to tell you about a “sign” I received about my Write Choice. There is a great website where you can sign up to receive free notes from The Universe (you read that right). Here’s my favorite message so far.

“Resist the temptation, Pam, to base today’s decisions upon today’s facts and circumstances, which are little more than what remains of yesterday’s decisions.

Instead, base them upon the facts and circumstances as they will inevitably be once your dreams have already come true, once you’re already deep in friends, laughter, health and harmony, and once having your own book “ain’t no big ‘thang,’ honey.”

Ready? Go…
    The Universe

I may not have known what to do with the signs of falling ice, but this message is one I can understand.

Have an ICE day.

Your IFF,


Are you receptive to the signs the Universe is sending you?  What are you hearing and what are you doing about it?

Flogitters, Movies and Books – Oh, My!

Remember when I told you that I was pursuing a career in writing? Well, I thought you might be interested in getting a sneak preview of my first book. It’s a spoof of self-help books. Readers will learn how to improve their lives by deflecting responsibility and blaming others.  My book outlines how to effectively blame the three most common “Blamies”: “The Man”, your mother and religion in significant areas of life such as weight/appearance, personal relationships, work, finances and sports. The first draft is finished and is currently being reviewed by two friends (thanks Pam and John).  As you can see, I’m still very early in the process.

Ironically enough, I was inspired to write this book after reading “I Can Do It” by Louise Hay – a motivational book that focuses on the value of positive affirmations and is the antithesis of my first book.

Some may find it curious why I’m not writing about Human Resources. I will be. Those books are coming next – but they won’t be typical or serious as I plan to continue in the humor genre. There’s a myth that Human Resource professionals don’t have a sense of humor. The truth is that we do – the outside world just doesn’t see it very often because of our need to be sensitive to others. Since I’m not actively practicing HR, I see no reason to put all my hard earned Psy-Ficology to waste!

I hope you enjoy this little film that I made through (GREAT website) that encapsulates the essence of my book. It is entitled “It’s Not My Fault”. Note how our heroine deflects responsibility and assigns blame, how she effectively utilizes the three Blamies and how her life is improved because of it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will let this movie do the talking for me.

I would sure appreciate it if you would tell your friends about this post and visit again or subscribe. New posts are added every week. Building a following on this blog may eventually help me sell my book.

And one more thing – let me know what you think by casting your vote at the poll shown below. Comments are also appreciated.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF and Psy-Ficologist,


Next time we go back to a Blog Story (BS) where I will be talking about roaches – the kind with legs.

If you want to view the film directly on Xtranormal or Youtube, do a search for “It’s Not My Fault By Pam Waits”.

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